On the Cover (2018)

On the Cover is my student film which is an environmental short cartoon about animals in danger. This film has been part of educational programs for kids in countries like Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, France and Brazil.
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Our Uniform (2023)

Our Uniform is my debut film which is a semi documentary short animation about school life in Iran and how young girls experience it. This film is based on real anecdotes.

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If you can’t join Animation Showcase and can’t rent the film either, email me and I might help you watch it, but I can’t guarantee a fast reply.

Most of my commissioned works are environmental teasers or advertisements done for cultural events. You can watch them in my vimeo page


Lily’s Feast

Writer & Illustrator

An illustrated story book written and illustrated for schoolers and pre-schoolers. This book invites the kids to use their five senses attentively and explore the world around them. You can view sample pages above.

The Young Ranger


A children’s comic book series based on the theme of conservation and environment stewardship. This book is illustrated by Marzieh Meisami Azad and published by Hamrahan Javan Publication.

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